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The American Lory Society dedicated by lory enthusiasts to the collection and dissemination of information on the care and breeding of lories. The ALS Network will do the following:

 1.   Provide educational information that will help promote the  breeding and propagation of lories as well as their general care.

 2.  Include information of legislation that may affect aviculturists.  

 3,   Provide information and education on conservation.

  4.  Provide a marketplace for the sale and exchange of lories.

 5.  Be a networking organization for the exchange of ideas among lory enthusiasts.  


The American Lory Society supported the Zoological Society of San Diego in a two-year project to help ensure the continued existence of the Kuhl's Lorikeet.  The American Lory Society will continue to support the conservation of lories and lorikeets.

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